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HVAC Damper Machines

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Fire Damper Frame Roll Forming Machine

Fire Damper Frame Roll Forming Machine
Function description:
Double servo motor, full automatic operation;
finished damper frame width:200-320mm
Flange type:35 TDF flange (with 30 and 40 Angle Steel function)
processing mode: L shape/口 shape/sheet
Output:500pieces frame/8hours

Meet 3C standard

Basic Equipment
1.Motor decoiler one set
2.Leveling device one set
3.Punching big mouth die, small mouth die four sets
4.Punching on-off installation hole die one set
5.Punching blade installation hoe die one set
6.Hydraulic Cutting device one set
7.Main roll forming machine one set
8.Robot sending and bending device one set
9.PLC one set