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duct manufacture line 6 B

Duct Manufacture Line 6 B Compared Automatic duct line 6 (type A), duct line6 (type B)is only implement the pittsburgh lock in a different way,type A is get the pittsburgh lock male by bending and get the pittsburgh lock female by follforming,but the typeB get the pittsburgh lock male&female both by rollforming,so the typeB line will need more transport table than type A. the customer can choice base on thier require.

Features: Structure and layout of the entire ductline reasonable,was “Z” or “U”-type distribution Modular design can be different functions needs to choose a flexible combination of modules Can automatically implement the following functions:sheet cut-length,4pcs duct manufacture, “L”, “U”, “口”duct Autmaucally finish GDF flange and pittsburgh-lock male&female Automatically feed material&finish beading Coil straight,wutomatically notching

Specification: Coil thickness:0.4-1.2mm

Part width:1000-1300mm.1500mm option

Part length tolerances:±0.5mm

Diagonal tolerances:±0.8mm

Processing speed:(up to)18m/min

Drivr:hydraulic drive


Beading section:standards

Notching and hole punching:combination of professional mold design for duct notching,suitable for TDF/TDC,TDC2 flange,stud,BPSL pittsburghlock production process.

CNC controls:japan mitsubishi