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Duct Manufacture Line 1

Manufacture Ductomatic Line 1 are consists of a Uncolier, leveler with beading function, Encoder, Hydraulic shearing

machine;Industry CNC control system and special duct manufacture software. This line can automatically produce

flat sheet and duct with beading.Can help you save labor cost and material with high produce rate,it is best choice

for small and medium duct workshop and general sheet shear.

Standards include 2 uncoiler,machine main part consists of encoder,shearing system and CNC with MEIFORMER duct

software system.


Coil thickness:0.4-1.2mm

Part width:500-1300mm.1500mm option

Part length tolerances:±0.5mm

Diagonal tolerances:±0.8mm

Processing speed:(adjustable)18m/min

Straightener section:front and back adjustable

Drivr:hydraulic drive


Beading section:standards

CNC controls:japan mitsubishi